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First Aid and Mental Health Awareness: Youth Programs


Hedzup - Youth Development empowers youth in the greater San Francisco area to reach their fullest potential through a wide range of services. We care about our children, and provide them with a number of enrichment programs to help shape their identity. Our Youth Workshops provides our youth the chance to get involved in the community and meet new and exciting faces from all walks of life. Come experience it for yourself today!

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Course Philosophy and Goals 

The Mental Health Awareness Course provides participants with a broad understanding of mental health. Participants will learn about the factors that affect mental health, and will be introduced to the more prevalent mental disorders and accompanying signs and symptoms, the influence of stigma and discrimination, guidance on supporting people in distress and advice on honing personal resilience. 

Course Structure 

The course includes knowledge development followed by practical exercises and scenarios to develop participants’ understanding and confidence in providing support to people experiencing mental disorders. It is important to note that the course is not, by default, a therapeutic space; some elements may prove triggering or upsetting to attendees and instructors will be sensitive to their needs and comfort. The course is to be conducted face to face where possible. Where this is not possible, it may be conducted online, ensuring appropriate participant safe guarding considerations are in place. 

Learning Objectives 

By the end of this course, participants will have an understanding of: 

  1. Mental health and the factors affecting mental wellbeing; 

  2. The signs and symptoms of the most common mental health disorders; 

  3. The way in which stigma and discrimination can hinder recovery; 

  4. How to support people experiencing mental distress; and 

  5. Ways of improving their own resilience and mental wellbeing. 

Who may take part in this course? 

This course is open to any person over the age of 16. If young people below the age of 18 seek to attend, the instructor will need to ensure that appropriate safeguarding criteria are established and adhered to. 

Course Completion

Course participants can be issued with a digital certificate issued by Emergency First Response. Emergency First Response (EFR) is the largest, privately owned, international CPR and first aid training organisation. With +60,000 EFR Instructors, EFR courses are taught in over 180 countries and materials are available in +20 languages.   


Price per person for the Mental Health Awareness Course is £140.00 including any materials, instruction and certificates. Group discounts are available.

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