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Developing employable skills sits at the core of what we do. Our courses aim to bring the very best out of our youths through a series of experiences, skills training and social interactions. We currently run programs with youth groups from the Angus and Tayside areas and are available for others throughout the year.

Our Programs: Our Programs
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Mountain Biking


Building a Better Future

Developing employable skills sits at the core of what we do. Our courses aim to develop our youths skills on a personal, social and employable front from day one to enable a better future.

These include motorcycle mechanics, a variety of workplace and construction related programs, health and safety, first aid, and mental health awareness resulting in accredited certifications.

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Racing to a Better Future

Our motorcycle mechanics program ties into racing both locally and nationally. Our youths build the bikes, we have team members that race them, and attend race events as Pit Crews in Scotland, England, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland to show off their mechanical skills.

Such is the reputation of our youths they have also been accepted into roles as Marshals at these events giving them life experiences that few have the opportunity to experience.

Share our Passion for the Outdoors

'Hedzup was born on the side of a mountain.' It's therefore no surprise that we have a love of the outdoors and want to share that with the youth of today.

From our Outdoor Centre in Glen Esk we offer a full range of outdoor activities and experiences to youth groups, schools, social and other community services primarily from the Angus and Tayside areas but welcome anyone from across the country.

Reading a Map


Volunteers on Construction Site


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Making a Difference One Child at a Time

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards (DoE) give young people the best possible start. Confidence, resilience, team working – just some of the skills young people get through their DofE that help them in life and improve their chances of moving forward in education or getting a job.

At Hedzup we are currently developing our DoE practice and will shortly be offering full DoE courses for all age groups across the country.

Lend us Your Time

Volunteers are the foundation of all charity and community orgisations. Without our loyal volunteers we wouldn't be able to deliver our programs and we'll always appreciate every little effort they have made to bring Hedzup to the position it is in today.

If you have a little time and want to help please do get in touch. We have numerous volunteer positions and are always grateful for whatever time you can give.

Your Chance to Make an Impact

Whether you are a youth that attended Hedzup, an interested parent or just like what we do there are always volunteering and fund-raising opportunities to assist us with the delivery and development and delivery of our programs.

Funding is becoming more difficult to obtain due to economics and the effects of the pandemic. If you are interested in fund raising or donating to Hedzup click the link below for further information.

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