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Three Men In a Van

Three Men In a Van

SKU: 9781999337407

Legendary Northern Ireland road racer Joey Dunlop was well known for his prowess on a motorbike. Away from the spotlight , and before the racing season began, he would quietly pack his van to the rafters with food and clothing and drive alone across Europe to provide aid for orphanages in Bosnia and Romania.


In 2016, three follow racers, Ian Pert (author), Jim Hunter and Ronnie Russell decided to retake Joey's steps in honour of those road racers who are no longer with us. In particular the road trip was dedicated to Billy Redmayne, a very promising young racer and decorated soldier, who had lost his life in a racing incident earlier that year.


Unlike Joey, who only had a map, our intrepid heroes had every gadget and gizmo available to them on their way... and still managed a few interesting detours.


Part tribute, part innocent aboard, part observation of humanity and mostly a quest for a decent cup of tea, this is an account of their journey.



    ISBN 978-1999337407

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