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Hedzup awarded £5000 from Chance to Connect Fund

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The Chance to Connect Fund has awarded Hedzup £5000 for project costs at the Outdoor Centre in Glen Esk.

Chance to Connect has been set up with the primary objective of educating Scottish children about citizenship and developing their communities. It’s our mission to ensure that those at a disadvantage early in life – whether through financial hardship, ill health or disability – feel a sense of belonging.

Whether it’s through the provision of new facilities, organising a local sports day, or simply introducing people to one another, Chance to Connect – in partnership with the Scottish Children’s Lottery - aims to build these vital links through its work across the country.

Chance to Connect is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO number: SC046173).

Chance to Connect is one of four new charities (taking the form of Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations, or SCIOs) and society lotteries operating as part of the Scottish Children’s Lottery, launched in 2016.

With one in five Scottish households in, or on the margins of, poverty, each SCIO has been set up to raise funds to assist in the advancement of key areas of child welfare nationwide.

Under the single umbrella brand of the Scottish Children’s Lottery, all four charities support their own specific good causes involved with the welfare of Scotland’s children and young people. Together, Chance to Flourish, Chance to Succeed, Chance to Study and Chance to Connect benefit from 20% of all ticket revenue raised by the initiative.

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