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Over £1500 Raised For Upcoming Trips

We are absolutely in awe of your generosity over the past week. We sent out a request for support for our may trips to Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man and have been completely humbled by your response.

In just a few days over £1500.00 was donated directly and into our Paypal charity account All funds will be put to good use paying for travel and expenses during our time in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

During these trips the Hedzup youths will interact with some of motorcycle road-racing's elite, championship organisers and the Marshalls, without whom these events couldn't happen. They will also be directly involved with the team maintaining the bikes and have the opportunity to act as Marshalls themselves - truly unique life experiences.

We really wouldn't be able to do this without your very generous support and cannot thank you all for the confidence you've shown in Hedzup over the years.

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